The Program

PHASE I 2021

“Radiant Journey” reimagines University Avenue, from College Street south to Elm Street, with a 380-meter illumination, unified by 20,000 individual control points or pixels into a cohesive visual composition. The innovative lighting design, which comprises every tree that populates the medians and Lightwave, an animated lighting installation, are synchronized by an audio feed or heartbeat. The lit forms mounted in the beds along the median are fabricated from extruded aluminum and create a visual wave along the avenue with an organic, dynamic movement that can be viewed from all angles including vehicular, pedestrian and importantly, by the patients, visitors and medical staff who inhabit the surrounding hospitals.

The plantings on University Avenue will return to original form and intent – a more architectural composition using plants that have year-round foliage, are resistant to harsh city conditions and are low maintenance. The plants were also selected to form a sculptural base and groundwork for Lightwave.

Launch of Radiant Journey
October 19, 2021

Members of The Friends of University Avenue gather with Councillors Mike Layton and Joe Cressy of the City of Toronto, along with representatives from SickKids and the Princess Margaret Hospital, in front of the installation “Lightwave”.


Commissioned or loaned, contemporary artwork that invites engagement and reflection, will further define University Avenue as a cultural focal point for the neighbourhood and landmark location for Torontonians and the city’s guests. This art program also creates opportunities for partnerships with cultural institutions and events throughout the city.


The Friends of University Avenue propose an ongoing program of maintenance and curation that would ensure the Avenue endures as a source of inspiration in the city. The program would be modelled on The Fund for Park Avenue, NYC.