Thank you.
We thank you for helping us light the darkness.
Your kind generosity makes this experience possible for all.


  • The Barry and Laurie Green Family Charitable Trust
  • KingSett Capital
  • The Ryan Family
  • The Michael Young Family Foundation
  • Anonymous: Honouring the memory of Gina Brown, Marie MacEwen and Christine Ralphs


  • The ABC Residents Association
  • Anonymous
  • Aqueduct Foundation
  • Valerie Elia
  • Andrew Grimes
  • Ivest Properties Ltd.
  • Donna and Richard Ivey
  • London Property Corp.
  • Sheridan Nurseries
  • George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg


  • Anonymous
  • Geraldine Berholz
  • Fenwick Bonnell
  • Doris Christie
  • Dyer Family
  • Lightform Canada Inc.
  • Jimmy Molloy and Bernadette Morra
  • Deborah Moss
  • David Rothberg
  • N. Rutenberg Sales Ltd.
  • Spectralume Lighting Technologies Inc.
  • TPL Marketing Inc.